DIY Fabric Accent Wall: Tutorial

I’ve been a busy girl, getting my living room just right, and the project that has pushed me over the edge is the DIY fabric accent wall. As I’ve mentioned before, I think I’ve created what the inside of my brain looks like, and I’m beyond happy with how it turned out. This DIY fabric accent wall was just what the bare, boring shelves in our living room needed, and the contrasting patterns have just made the room pop completely.

Accent Wall Before

Fabric Accent Wall Before

DIY Fabric Accent Wall After

DIY fabric accent wall

DIY Fabric Accent Wall

DIY fabric accent wall

DIY fabric accent wall

Instructions for DIY fabric accent wall

This DIY fabric accent wall was quite easy to do. A brief outline:

  1. Choose a few fabrics that you think look good together.
  2. Cut the pieces of fabric to size, and adhere them to the wall. Hint: The easiest way I found to do this was by using 3 finishing nails on each fabric sheet. Part of the reason I did this was to comply with my landlord’s rental terms, but it also worked out really well because they’re so small they blend in with the pattern. Shameful admission: I totally didn’t measure the fabric before I cut it. It worked for me, but if you’re a perfectionist, I would recommend doing it the other way.

Even if you don’t have built-in shelves, you can use this type of project in a bunch of different ways. Use a formation of fabric squares to break up a white wall, or use long strips of fabric and create a cool, striped pattern.

I couldn’t be happier, and I think this is the first time where I feel like the room is finally finished (well – my obsession with frames is rearing its head, so I’ll probably have the rest of the white space covered up in no time.) I have a few bits of fabric left that I might make some of those dreamy floor pillows with, and store them underneath one of the larger shelves, because I have some other plans for our Ikea desk chair in our bedroom (not as sexy as it sounds.)

DIYs that made the room

While the fabric walls are what really anchors the room, I think a lot of the DIYs that have gone into the room have made a massive impact and added style and depth. Try these yourself:

DIY stencilled plates

Fabric Accent wall

Pillows with personality

DIY Vases Out of Food Containers

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Accent Wall: Tutorial

  1. The fabric accent walls are great. I’ve used a cornstarch base paste to adhere fabric to the wall before. You can find simple recipes for the ratios online. It can layer be easily removed using water and then wiping down the walls with warm water. Just a suggestion alternative to the nails

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  3. I love this idea for its imaginative use of fabric. Please tell us if you went to a fabric shop to buy remnants or just knew you could have quarter yard remnants put to good use inbetween the shelving. I was attracted to the idea at first because blue is my favorite mix and match color. I’ll post my creation soon. Love the toile backdrop for the silhouette plates. I hear it’s a raging trend these days. Thanks for the inspiration.

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