Tutorial on DIY Painted Wooden Utensils

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like everywhere I go, things are just getting more stylish. If I bought everything I wanted to create the perfect house, I would have to live in 12 different apartments that I couldn’t afford rent on because I was buying all the cool stuff out there.

The style revolution is even spreading to everyday boring stuff too, like soap dispensers and kitchen utensils. The other day, I saw a soap dispenser that had a moustache on it. I wanted it immediately, but remembered that if I wanted my future children to go to college, I couldn’t afford to buy every single thing I want (because I would buy full stores.)

But one day, I was perusing Poundland and found these very plain, very functional wooden spoons and thought: “Hey! I’ve seen some really good-looking wooden utensils in the store recently. I wonder what I could do to jazz these little guys up?” Sure, the pound spent now might be the difference between Harvard and Yale down the road, but if my kids are smart enough to get into the ivy leagues, then they’ll probably get scholarships, right?

Materials for wooden utensil project


  • A few colours of paint in a matching colour palette
  • A paintbrush
  • Your wooden spoons
  • Masking tape (for this project, I used Frog Tape*)
This product was sent to me as a sample for DIY projects. I was not paid to use this product.


Step 1


Align the ends of your utensils before you start taping your pattern. If you want the colours to align once they sit in a jar, then you need to make sure you’re taping the same amount of surface for each colour.

Or, if you’re a perfectionist (which I’m too impatient to be), you could use a measuring tape to make sure the distances between each band of colour are the same.

Step 2


When taping out the spaces where you want to apply your paint, make sure that when you’re wrapping your masking tape around, you’re doing it evenly. You want the strip of colour to look like a band around the utensil, so the edge where you end your tape needs to align exactly with where you started your tape.

The space in between the two strips is where you will be painting.

Step 3

Once you’ve taped all of your spoons and the strips without tape align, it’s time to start painting. My pattern of 3 colours is just a suggestion; if you want to do 30 different colours on one utensil, you absolutely can. If you want to do vertical stripes instead of horizontal, fill your boots. This project is ultimately about your creativity and customizing these utensils to your style and taste, so the possibilities are endless.

I chose a light blue, light green, and grey palette.
Hot tip: Paint all the sections that will be the same colour on each spoon before you move on to another colour. That way you don’t have to worry about cleaning your paintbrush a hundred times. I started with the blue and worked my way up.
Give each section a good two or three coats.

Step 4


Once you’ve painted all of your sections and they’ve dried, carefully remove each section of the tape to reveal your beautiful, custom kitchen utensils.

The finished product


Storing your spoons


Because you’ve just put so much effort into creating a beautiful selection of wooden utensils, I would suggest you store them in a glass container so you can admire your hard work when you’re in the kitchen.

But don’t you dare think about going out and buying something. The glass storage container above was originally an instant coffee container that I saved so I could use it for kitchen storage.

A DIY on how to create storage like this is coming up soon. If you want to be notified on when it goes up, why not follow me on bloglovin?

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